Most Boston Butts are in the range of 8 pounds with the bone in. The process in barbecuing a butt is pretty simple. Rub it, cook it, pull it.

First, start your barbecue and get it up to temperature, 220 to 250F. If your smoking with charcoal or wood, your goal is to cook in this temp range. Not a big deal if it goes higher or lower for a short time. Cooking on a gas grill or in the oven is easier to maintain constant temperature.

If the butt has a fat patch on it cut it off. The fat will keep the OLD RIVER SEASONINGS from reaching the meat.

Rinse butt and pat dry with paper towel. Rub the butt with a coating of creole or horseradish mustard. This adds some extra flavor and helps the OLD RIVER SEASONINGS to stay on the meat. Don’t worry, it won’t taste like mustard. Coat generously with OLD RIVER SEASONINGS. The crust or bark on the outside will turn to a deep red color as it cooks. I do not use any sugar in my seasonings so it won’t burn and turn black.

After applying a generous amount of OLD RIVER SEASONINGS on your butt, put the meat on the cooking grill and close the barbecue. Be sure and put the butt on the side with no direct heat. The key to long time smoking is indirect heat. Works great. If you can, every 2 hours, turn the butts over and rotate so the indirect heat is distributed evenly. Not a big deal if you don’t.

Cook for about 1.5 hours per pound of meat. After about 4 hours I will usually stick the temperature probe into the meat. When it reaches about 140F, I wrap the butt in foil. Put the but back on the grill and It's done when the internal temperature is above 190F. This temperature will arrive faster the higher the temperature you keep the cooking chamber. Slow cooking is the best method to arrive at a moist and tender Boston Butt. When the 190F temperature is reached, wrap in dry towels and place in a dry cooler, tape and seal cooler, for about 30 minutes or longer, to let it rest. Meat will stay hot for hours. Remove and slice or pull to your desire.

If needed sprinkle some OLD RIVER SEASONINGS to taste.

Our unique combination of seasonings and spices has been specially formulated to make the most mouth-watering, tender pulled pork. Tastes great on other cuts of pork, poultry, fish, beef and vegetables too!