After years of research and development of a mouthwatering seasoning, I have an all-purpose seasoning that works on almost all foods.

I started experimenting with our seasoning with Boston Butts and pork ribs and was originally going to market as a rub.

But over the years I used it on fish, including fried fish and salmon cooked on a cedar plank on the grill, shellfish, either boiled or grilled or fried, beef, vegetables, popcorn and it got to where I was trying it on just about everything. I was trying to come up with a name and I was fishing on the St Johns River in Florida with my brother and some friends. The St Johns is a beautiful river and I had taken some great pictures.

One day I was looking over all the pictures of the river and decided to call it OLD RIVER SEASONINGS and market it as a seasoning for every food.

OLD RIVER SEASONINGS is blended with natural spices.

Our unique combination of spices has been specially formulated to make the most mouth-watering taste for almost any foods.

You can use with great success, don't let anything alter your imagination!

Check out some of our recipes for some very delicious meals. We also have recipes from other people for you to use. If you have a recipe you would like for us to put on our website, send us an email to

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